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Leadership in a time of crisis

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Simon Sinek spoke with the ServiceNow ANZ Managing Director a few months ago in a very insightful interview about leadership in a time of crisis, putting people first and the importance of a just cause.

"Crisis is the great reveller"

Good leaders stand out whilst bad leaders are left behind. We need to think about our people and put our people first, because if we care about and protect our people, they will thrive, show loyalty and commit to a common, just cause together.

Another element from the interview that really resonated with me was how leaders can remain in sync with their employers;

  • A sense of formal & informal gatherings to connect and stay connected

  • Tone of voice

  • Face to face or video call interactions

  • Pick up the phone and call when feeling disconnected and to check in

  • Check in with everyone, even high performers

Leadership is a little of science and a lot of art - we should strive to get better and sometimes we need to be a student of this to get better.


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