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About Us

GXN was founded on the belief that People, Process and Technology are aspects that play a major role in an organisations success. Each aspect can be individually improved and matured to uplift an organisations capability or more closely align to achieve a common goal.


It is our experience that connecting each aspect results in a better customer experience, a more seamless user experience and a more collaborative operational environment.


We take an enterprise services management approach to Strategy, Design, Governance, Delivery, Operations and Service Management to provide direction to stakeholders and a more connected environment for staff and customers. We deliver in an agile manner providing thought leadership for operational continuity, growth, support and continual improvement throughout our engagements.


George Nasr

Director & Principal Consultant

George has a passion for technology and bringing digital services to life and with 15 years experience in the IT Service industry, working in, operational, delivery, management, professional services and consulting disciplines, George is trained to see the big picture, think across an enterprise as well as an application or service, able to think strategically to understand the challenges and pain points of the here and now and see the future state of what might be and how to achieve it.


With a background in Service Delivery and Service Management on an enterprise scale, George provides forward thinking solutions to gain process efficiency, effective delivery and transparent governance for growth and continual service improvement to reduce the strain on the customer experience, for those who develop, deliver and consume the innovative solutions.


George's strength's consist of leading people, providing guidance & direction, removing impediments, building roadmaps and ensuring there is a clear pipeline of deliverables. Building structure and an operating model that fosters growth, innovation and efficiencies and take's pride in cultivating a group of people into becoming a team, setting out to achieve a common goal on a consistent basis and delivering real change to people’s lives which results in improving their overall experience.

Our Team

Our Partners

Teaming up with industry leading experts in Service Delivery, Development & Execution


Digital Transformation

Hatchit Studios are a ServiceNow partner specialising in ServiceNow architecture & development and large scale digital transformations.


Service Industry Digitisation

Nexavenu is a Salesforce partner working with customers to help shape outstanding employee and partner workflows, optimised for customer service excellence.


Architecture + Design + Execution

Atelier Grey is a boutique management consultancy that help organisations navigate digital evolution through the delivery of technology strategic services in architecture, design, experience, execution and transition

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