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ServiceNow's emergency response apps in use

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

A great example of how a long time user of ServiceNow continues to evolve and modernise it's use of the platform.

Australia Post have been using ServiceNow for about 8 years and were one of the first to adopt ServiceNow's emergency response apps.

"We're able to get a view of our workforce within moments, now that tells us where our people are and what their status is."

Adam Dimech, Australia Post's ServiceNow Platform Manager says, the apps were really helpful and highly beneficial and provided the ability to view the status of each employee day to day.

ServiceNow's ability to continue to enhance the platform, especially in times of need and at short notice, shows the versatility of the platform and it's ability as a Software Company to listen to its audience and its customers and remain relevant and at the forefront of people's minds and business operations.

Exciting times ahead, especially as we start to look forward to a post COVID-19 new normal with governments and businesses creating opportunities for jobs, economic growth and investment.



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